Zoos and wildlife parks: come and meet the animals

Attracting more than 40 million people a year, zoos and wildlife parks are popular places to visit, and for most of us they are our only opportunity to get close to wild animals such as elephants, lions, apes and reptiles.
There is so much to discover at the zoo or in a wildlife park, so why wait?

The zoo in Cologne, which opened in 1860, is one of the oldest and largest in Germany. No matter what time of year or what the weather, it makes for a fantastic family day out in the UNESCO city of Cologne on the Rhine.

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Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg is a 19-hectare park, a zoo and an all-weather cultural attraction rolled into one. People have been enjoying days out at this leafy oasis on the outskirts of Hamburg since 1907.

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赫拉布鲁恩 (Hellabrunn) 不是一座普通的城市动物园,而是一家研究所。园内生活着 17,000 只动物,自然景观令人叹为观止,是德国最大、最美丽的动物园之一。在这里,您可以看到各个大陆的众多物种,几乎就是一次环球旅行!

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纽伦堡景观动物园 (Landschafts-Zoo Nürnberg) 的自然美景已足够令人振奋——占地 70 公顷的园区内生活着两百六十多种动物,动物数量高达两千六百。

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植物乐园、城堡与动物园融为一体——在哪里可以找到?答案是斯图加特的威廉海玛 (Wilhelma)。您将在美景中观看大象、鹈鹕、兰花以及数不胜数的动植物。

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