Museo Regional Wurtemberg
Museo Regional Wurtemberg ©Landesmuseum Württemberg, Stuttgart (C. Düpper)

Museo Regional Wurtemberg

En el mismo centro de Stuttgart se localiza la sede del Museo Regional en el Altes Schloss, la antigua residencia de los duques de Wurtemberg.

Con sus singulares obras expuestas y colecciones de gran nivel de arqueología, historia del arte y de la civilización, así como el folklore, el Museo Regional Wurtemberg constituye una incomparable cámara del tesoro. El museo infantil "Junges Schloss", con sus participativas exposiciones alternantes, brinda una visión interesante de épocas ya muy lejanas. Las regulares exposiciones especiales tratan grandes temáticas de la historia del país.


Martes-domingo, festivos 10-17 horas

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Mercedes-Benz Museum

Perfect afternoon: A trip to the Mercedes Benz Museum

Hop on the S1 from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof and 2 stops later thou arrive at the superb museum of automotive giants: Mercedes Benz. Even if you are not a automobile junkie, the Mercedes Museum is a fascinating drive through 125 years of automotive history intertwined with all the key historical events that have marked the evolution of the world’s great car. The museum has curated a great gallery of pictures of key events that have shaped the history of the world that mark the evolution of the car that includes poignant memories like people having a picnic by the autobahn in the 60’s or the empty autobahns of the winter of 1973 when due to oil shortages , a car free Sunday ( 5 of them) was imposed- the images haunt you for hours after you have left the museum. Then there are the stars of the show to say hello to- from Gottlieb Daimler’s motorized carriage, the world’s first 4 wheeled auto mobile to the ‘Gullwing’, the dream car of the 1950’s- the 300 SL Coupe to the machine that set the standard for racing cars: the Mercedes Benz W196 2.5 litre that then world champion, Juan Manuel Fangio powered to victory in the 1954 Formula One race in Reims Combined with the stunning architecture, the Mercedes Benz Museum is a great afternoon for people of all ages and definitely a must-see when visiting Germany.

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