On tour around Germany's worlds of discovery

The fun starts here! Germany's many worlds of discovery continue to delight visitors year after year. There's something for everyone, with themed attractions that appeal to children, teenagers and the young-at-heart. Whatever the weather, these family favourites are the place to go for fun, entertainment and thrills.
If you like the look of our worlds of discovery, there's no time like the present to visit!

The Dialogue Museum in Frankfurt offers an incredible experience for the senses. Its Dialogue in the Dark exhibition challenges sighted visitors to find their way in the pitch-black world that blind people inhabit, giving a taste of a life without vision. For children aged seven and above.

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SEA LIFE in the AquaDom, not far from Berlin Cathedral, has established itself as a firm favourite with fans of the deep blue and is a popular day out for families with children.

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ポツダム 生物圏は、ベルリンのすぐ外側に位置する、神秘的な熱帯温室です。


世界鳥類園ヴァルスローデは、牧歌的なリューネブルガー・ハイデの中央部に位置する、世界で最も大きく最も種類が多い鳥類園です。 とても美しい公園・庭園風の敷地内で、650種4000羽の鳥類を目にできますし、アドベンチャーとショー、興味深い発見が、他に類を見ない形で組み合わされています。


何もないはずなのに、現実のように見えて実際に作用する、エキサイティングな世界:それがバヴァリア・フィルムシティです。 スクリーンの裏側に飛び込んでみてください!



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