Pellworm Island
Pellworm Island © Kur- und Tourismusservice Pellworm

Pellworm – North Sea idyll in the heart of the coastal wetlands

The North Frisian island of Pellworm is situated in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. It's a real insider's tip for holidaymakers and offers mudflat tours to the neighbouring Hallig islands and much more besides.

Natural beauty, peace and tranquillity and above-average hours of sunshine. These are just some of the qualities of this 37km² North Sea island with its distinctively rural feel and friendly locals. An island in harmony with the tides, Pellworm experiences the ebb and flow of the Wadden Sea every six hours. When the sea bed is exposed at low tide, the island's visitors can venture out into the world of the coastal wetlands. A 90-minute walk, taking in mussels, mudflat worms and crabs along the way, finishes up at the Hallig island of Süderoog, which – together with the Hallig island of Südfall – is administrated by Pellworm's local council. If you'd prefer not to cross the mudflats alone, you can always follow the postman, as even in this remote spot the post is always delivered on time!

And yet Pellworm is a place free from hustle and bustle all year round – there is an infectious quality to the down-to-earth calm and tranquillity of this island and its inhabitants. The total absence of any loud noise is sheer bliss for holidaymakers. In addition to the hugely popular mudflat excursions, the island has some fabulous trails for cycling and Nordic walking. And the bracing North Sea air will do you the world of good. The island is impossible not to love, and it even has a place for you to seal your own love – Pellworm lighthouse, where weddings have been conducted since 1998. As befits any proper North Sea island, all weddings are rounded off with a traditional captain's ceremony.

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