Usedom Island
Usedom Island © Usedom Tourismus GmbH

Usedom – rebalancing body and soul in the great outdoors

42 kilometres of fine sandy beaches, five elegant piers stretching out into the turquoise-blue Baltic, salty sea air and unspoilt natural surroundings: Usedom is a dream of a destination, where rest and relaxation are guaranteed.

The island of Usedom is situated in the Baltic Sea, just north of Szczecin Bay. It straddles the German-Polish border, covering a total area of 445 square kilometres. The western part of the island in Germany is part of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and is increasingly popular with holidaymakers. The smaller, eastern part of the island around the harbour town of Świnoujście belongs to the Polish province of West Pomerania.

On Usedom, the sun, wind and waves combine to infuse the air with fine particles of sea spray, which is beneficial for both body and soul. As a result, the island's top wellness treatments and activities are free of charge and out in the open air – whether it's Nordic walking, Qi Gong, pilates or just harnessing the healing power of the wind on a therapeutic walk. In addition to this, the wellness hotels on Usedom offer a tempting range of exclusive treatments, including chocolate massages, Turkish baths and seaweed wraps. The amber spas and royal spas are another of the island's distinctive features.

Besides all this rest and relaxation, Usedom has plenty to keep visitors occupied throughout the entire year. As well as hosting a top-calibre fashion event (Usedom Baltic Fashion) and literature festival, the island sets everyone's toes a-tapping at its annual music festival in September and October, which features the music of a different partner country every year. Usedom is also a great destination for lovers of fine food and drink, with highlights including the island's herring festival and the springtime gourmet dining event on the beach. Those sampling the New Pomeranian Cuisine are taken on a gastronomic voyage of discovery to centuries past, with specialities such as honey crab and luxury chocolates.

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