Take a break. There's plenty to see on the German Avenues Route

Snaking its way like a giant green ribbon from Sellin on the Baltic island of Rügen all the way down to Reichenau Island on Lake Constance, the German Avenues Route is Germany's longest scenic route, clocking up an impressive 2,900km in ten sections.

The route's main draw is the fabulous countryside through which it passes, and its links with local culture. It is a wonderful feeling, a real thrill, to be able to cross the length and breadth of Germany through these never-ending green tunnels. The intertwining boughs of centuries-old trees form tightly-knit canopies over the roads, which the sunlight only penetrates here and there. The tree-lined avenues, which run parallel to the main roads, unveil an endless succession of idyllic views and stopping points, allowing you to experience nature and travel in harmony. The Avenues Route is a green window onto some magnificent scenery, varying constantly with the seasons. With the fading of summer, bold, yellow fields of rape and corn give way to the warm splendour of the canopy itself, as it turns into a sea of vibrant autumn colours – what could be more beautiful? The route is particularly charming when seen from the saddle of a motorbike, but for a more intensive experience, why not try cycling? This is a piece of Germany's cultural heritage that has not lost any of its allure.

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