Springtime blossom, wine and magical woodland – the Bergstrasse Route

The Bergstrasse, which extends for approximately 80km, is an attractive destination between the Rhine, Main and Neckar rivers on the western edge of the legendary Odenwald forest – it is also a small but delightful wine-growing area.

Known by the Romans as strata montana, the Bergstrasse lies between Darmstadt in the north and Wiesloch in the south. Here life feels good: exquisite wines are produced and in springtime the almond and cherry blossom puts on a dazzling show of pink and white. These 80 magnificent kilometres on an ancient trade and military route at the foot of the Odenwald forest are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Looking out over the legendary realm of the Nibelungs, castles and palaces skirt the hills and mountains along the Bergstrasse Route, creating a mysterious silhouette that is at once inviting and forbidding – a distant fairytale world brimming with ruined castles, even Castle Frankenstein. There's also the saga of how the dazzling Nibelung hero Siegfried met his bloody end – he was stabbed in the back as he drank from an Odenwald spring. To everyone's delight, this region enjoys an early spring, a long summer and a golden autumn. You can breathe in the scent of almond, peach, apricot, apple and cherry blossom, admire some truly magnificent magnolias and forsythias or go walking in the lush, green hills nearby – paradise could not be more beautiful, the great poet Goethe once said. The Bergstrasse region combines the best of both worlds: high-tech and a landscape shaped by over 2,000 years of history. It is always worth a visit and is still, surprisingly, an insider's tip.

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