Wangerooge Island
Wangerooge Island ©Kurverwaltung Nordseeheilbad Wangerooge

Wangerooge – a spa resort in the Wadden Sea

Wangerooge is a North Sea health resort and spa. Beaches, dunes and salt marshes dominate the island, which is surrounded on all sides by the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park. A surefire recipe for a relaxing break.

Wangerooge is the most easterly of the seven beautiful East Frisian islands and the second smallest. It's ideal for walkers, who can cover the 8.5 kilometres from one end of the island to the other in no time at all. And an island railway in operation for more than 100 years carries visitors the short distance from the harbour to the village station.

On car-free Wangerooge Island, the pace of life is gentler than at home. But there are still plenty of interesting attractions to discover – the long beach dotted with colourful wicker beach chairs in the summer months, and a close huddle of shops, welcoming hotels and snug restaurants. The beach offers a host of opportunities for sunbathers, children and sports enthusiasts alike, whether it's beach volleyball, windsurfing, sandcastle building or simply taking a good long rest. Away from the water's edge, the conditions are perfect for cyclists, joggers and golfers to get active.

After all that exercise, a visit to Wangerooge's health and spa centre surely beckons, where health and wellness are uniquely combined to offer an all-encompassing experience for body and soul. This is a place for relaxing, restoring energies and simply feeling good.

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