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Rugged and teeming with wildlife – Eifel National Park

The Eifel National Park has majestic beech forests interspersed with gnarled oak woods and tumbling brooks ensconced in mysterious ravines. The chance to get close to nature offered by the numerous plant and animal species here is unrivalled anywhere in western Germany.

The Eifel National Park is located in North Rhine-Westphalia in the northern part of the Eifel region. Not only does it fill the gap that existed in the network of national parks in western Germany until recently, it is also the first conservation area to protect upland beech forests on acidic soil that are exposed to an Atlantic climate. Forests that once used to produce timber are now being transformed into wild, unspoilt woodland. The park also provides a vital habitat for more than 230 endangered plant and animal species. Wildcats hunt for mice in the large expanses of forest and beavers build their lodges in the clean water of the streams. Numerous types of bat and the kingfisher also enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the national park, as do the yellow wild narcissi that delight nature lovers with their magnificent floral display in the spring. Visitors can discover a remarkable synthesis of woodland and water,

and there are plenty of activities and attractions on offer. The national park can be explored independently or by taking a guided tour. On 'ancient woodland days' (every Sunday during school holidays) rangers lead groups through the park and reveal some of nature's secrets. The Forest Experience Centre in the enchanting hydrotherapy resort of Gemünd on the edge of the Eifel National Park offers a wide range of information for all ages in its lovingly designed exhibition rooms. The Eifel National Park Forestry Service organises exclusive group tours, lectures and expert tours on request. A number of special events are listed in the national park's events calendar.

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