The German Volcanoes Route: do you dare take a tour of the Eifel powder keg?

The Eifel region, land of the sleeping volcanoes, is quite a volcanic hotspot and constitutes Germany's most geologically active region. The German Volcanoes Route takes visitors on a 280km tour of the region's top volcanic sites, from the River Rhine to the Eifel mountains.

No need to go all the way to Mount Etna, Hawaii or the Pacific Ring of Fire: there are volcanoes galore in Germany. In the Eifel, one of the largest volcanic regions in central Europe, geologists have recorded approximately 350 cinder cones, spectacular quarries, lava streams, deposits of tuff and pumice that are metres thick, domes, a large number of effervescent carbonated springs and geysers, as well as plumes and hot spots. Here more than anywhere else in Germany, the earth has retained signs of its fiery past, and the many volcanic cones and blue crater lakes tell of the dramatic, flaming genesis of this fascinating region bordered by the Rhine, Moselle and Ahr rivers. This fiery heritage is illustrated and explained at museums, information centres and visitor mines along the route, and visitors can conduct experiments to see which forces are at work and exactly what is going on under the Earth's crust. Many indications suggest that the volcanoes are not extinct, but only sleeping. The German Volcanoes Route offers a huge variety of ways to explore, discover and learn all about these geological phenomena.

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