The Route of Megalithic Culture: prehistoric times captured in stone

Along its 330-kilometre length through the Weser-Ems region, the Route of Megalithic Culture links 33 remarkable sites significant to the history and culture of megaliths as well as more than 70 megalithic tombs.

During the Stone Age, farmers used glacial boulders to build imposing burial chambers for the dead. Archaeologists refer to these monumental constructions as 'megalithic tombs'. The tombs provide fascinating archaeological insights into prehistoric times. Built some 5,000 years ago, the stone monuments are even older than the Egyptian pyramids. Northwest Germany's relics of megalithic culture reveal their secrets on the Route of Megalithic Culture. From the river Ems to the river Weser, from Osnabrück to Oldenburg, numerous megalithic tombs shrouded in myth and legend await archaeology enthusiasts along the route. Plenty of fascinating facts can be learned from these puzzling remnants of the Stone Age, such as about their sophisticated construction, the mysterious death rituals and belief in the afterlife as well as the until now largely unknown everyday lives of the people who lived here thousands of years ago. The route also offers a chance to find out about mystical homages from the recent past that are helping to create a greater understanding of this ancient and widespread culture. A variety of cultural attractions besides the megalithic tombs can be found along the route, such as Cloppenburg Museum Village, Clemenswerth Hunting Lodge in Sögel and the site of the Battle of Varus in Kalkriese.

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