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于 1926 年对外开放的蔡司天文馆 (Zeiss-Planetarium) 是世界上最古老的天文馆, 也是德国最大的天文馆,其穹顶直径达 25 米。

从面向成人和儿童的天文学及一般影像主题,到各种音乐、儿童活动,再到壮观的多媒体激光秀——这里的活动丰富多彩。 2006 年 10 月,蔡司天文馆安装了全圆顶激光投影系统 (Laser-Ganzkuppel-Projektionssystem), 成为全球能够提供整面穹顶全方位图像表演的两座天文馆之一。


Quality over quantity: this is the unwritten law that determines which artists are invited to perform at Jena's annual Cultural Arena festival. Performers will be participating in a programme of contrasts, ushered in by a four-day theatre spectacular. This is then followed by a string of films, concerts, Sunday bills for children and various specials, in a line-up that is as unconventional as it is entertaining.

The origins of the Cultural Arena stem from a huge misunderstanding: in 1987, when Jena was still part of East Germany, the town council decided to demolish the theatre's auditorium in the hope of a newer, better building. But nothing happened – meaning that Jena was left with a semi-ruin with an open space in front of it, instead of a theatre. In 1991, however, a theatre team blessed with equal amounts of idealism and optimism began working in the ruins once more. They planted the seed of what subsequently grew into Jena's new theatre and the Cultural Arena. For more than 20 years now, enthusiastic audiences and exceptional artists have come together in the Cultural Arena to celebrate a special festival of the arts. The event, now a seven-week-long open air festival in the centre of Thuringia's second biggest city, is no longer an insider's tip, and the Arena has long been a fixture in Jena and far beyond. Headliners such as Patti Smith, Götz Alsmann, Ute Lemper, Lou Reed, John Cale, Nigel Kennedy, Einstürzende Neubauten, Element of Crime, Nina Hagen and Wir sind Helden draw crowds of up to 70,000 people each year. When you look at it like this, tearing down the theatre all those years ago was not such a bad decision after all.


05.07.2019 - 25.08.2019


07743 Jena