Nowhere is opera more alive: around one third of all opera performances in the world are staged in Germany. The figure of more than 80 opera houses in the destination of Germany is unparalleled anywhere else, as is the number of premieres. Since Germany's first opera house opened its doors on Munich's Salvatorplatz in 1657, opera has become one of the pillars of national culture; a magnet for millions of visitors from all over the world – and for outstanding performers.

You can find a brief description of Germany's most important opera houses here. Some featuring magnificent decor, plush boxes, marble and many items reminiscent of courtly eras, others favouring a simpler, more modern and down-to-earth style. All fascinating audiences with amazing productions, spanning the full spectrum of operatic creation, from Baroque to contemporary. Some opera experiences are even transformed into airy and light open-air events with live broadcasts in summer. As you can see: it's time to discover something very special. Or simply: time for opera in Germany.