Collezione d'arte K20 del Nordreno-Vestfalia
Collezione d'arte K20 del Nordreno-Vestfalia ©Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH

Collezione d'arte K20 del Nordreno-Vestfalia

Il materiale espositivo di alto livello pone la collezione d'arte del Nordreno-Vestfalia di Düsseldorf da lungo tempo tra le eccellenze mondiali nel mondo museale.

Con importanti opere di Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse e Piet Mondrian nonché circa 100 disegni e dipinti di Paul Klee l'esposizione permanente offre un'eccezionale visione d'insieme della modernità classica. La collezione di arte postbellica americana comprende lavori di Mark Rothko, Franz Kline e Robert Rauschenberg così come Jasper Johns e Andy Warhol.

Orari di apertura:

da martedì a venerdì, dalle 10:00 alle 18:00, sabato, domenica e festivi, dalle 11:00 alle 18:00

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Mediahafen; Walking under the shadow of giants

Frank Gehry's eye catching warped 'Neuer Zollhof' against the towering backdrop of the Rheinturm is one of the many architectural highlights of a sunset walk (area looks equally stunning at night) through the Mediahafen ( media harbour) district in Dusseldorf. Other eye catching highlights to check out include Claude Vasconi's 'Grand Bateau' which resembles an ocean liner and William Alsop's Colorium. When in the area, combine your walk with a visit to the local Kunst Sammlung Nordrhein Westfalen ( Free if you are under 18, 2.50 for students with ID ) which houses major works by Kandinsky, Miro and Picasso.

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The best cup of coffee in Dusseldorf!

This is THE PLACE for good coffee in Dusseldorf. The city has a great coffee culture and few brew a better cup of coffee than Tamas Fejer, chief barista and founder of Kaffeeschmeide. For the last 7 years he has been roasting his own coffee beans and supplying local caffeine fiends. A customer summed it up for me nicely- 'There are many places you can drink good coffee but few places where it is made for you to enjoy as an experience.'

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'Bilk', the student area of Dusseldorf is a great place and a hub of all things cool ( like any student area around the world I guess) One such cool shop to check out for affordable gifts in this neighbourhood is the quirky 'Romantiklabor.' Everything is handcrafted here-Simone decorates clothes, candles, baby rompers and many more fine materials with cool anecdotes and positive words of encouragement. Shop is beautifully laid out- little wonder the place was voted one of the most beautiful shops in Germany by 'Architecture & Living' magazine.

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