Museo del castello di Herrenhausen
Museo del castello di Herrenhausen ©HMTG

Museo del castello di Herrenhausen

Un luogo affascinante di Hannover dove è possibile scoprire l'arte del giardinaggio elevata alla perfezione e la storia per antonomasia.

Il nuovo museo del castello di Herrenhausen – un'istituzione sostenuta dalla Bassa Sassonia e dal suo capoluogo Hannover – ha aperto le sue porte per la stagione estiva 2013. La mostra che invita i visitatori a scoprire la varietà offerta dai giardini e dal castello di Herrenhausen è intitolata "Schlösser und Gärten in Herrenhausen – Vom Barock zur Moderne" (Castelli e giardini di Herrenhausen: dal barocco all'epoca moderna).

Orari di apertura:

tutti i giorni, dalle 11:00 alle 18:00

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Herrenhauser Gärten Grotto

Niki the St.-Phalle at her best

A couple of years ago a very wealthy friend of mine, who owns an work of art by French artist Niki de St.-Phalle, told me included Hannover in a trip to Europe just to see Nikki's art in town. I had totally forgotten this until I came to Hannover and found out that Niki's works are all over the place. There are three Nanas in the Sculpture Mile downtown and an ancient grotto at the Herrenhauser Gardens was redone by Niki, who filled with her Nanas, a colorful Ganesha and a myriad of kaleidoscopic mirrors. Before her death, she donated her private collection to Hannover's Sprengel Museum, and will appear in the new wing due to open late in 2016.

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3 Nanas of Hannover

Hey Nana!

This is one of three buxom, colourful Nanas on Leibnizufer that Niki de Saint Phalle sculpted for Hannover in 1974. Niki de Saint Phalle is the first and so far only woman to receive the Freedom of the City of Hannover and a friend of the town for thirty years. Initially met with intense public dislike , the 'buxom girls' are now proud mascots of the city and really stand out beautifully against the backdrop of the old medieval architectural style of the Aldstadt. Combine your trip to the Nanas with a visit to the Saturday fleamarket ( 9am - 4pm ) which is the oldest flea markets in Germany.

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