This picture taken from Mount Feldberg with the northern Taunus hills in the background almost looks unreal.
Winter on Mount Feldberg ©Naturpark Taunus
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Taunus Hills Nature Park – where diversity comes alive

Situated in the heart of Europe just outside the city of Frankfurt, Taunus Hills Nature Park is one of the region's biggest tourist attractions.

Extending over six regional districts, Taunus Hills Nature Park is the second-biggest reserve in Hessen and in 2012, it celebrated its 50th anniversary. Diversity is the hallmark of the Taunus Hills Nature Park. Few areas are so varied, from the slopes of the Upper Taunus via the ridge of the range and towards the north, from the skyscraper skyline of the banking city of Frankfurt to the beauty of the Weiltal valley, and from the reconstructed Roman fort at Saalburg to the tranquillity of the river Lahn. The reserve enjoys excellent public transport connections, with a special train, the Taunusbahn, running from Frankfurt central station right into the reserve itself. For tourists intending to visit the reserve, the Taunus Information Centre (TIZ) in the town of Oberursel is a useful starting point. Located at the 'gateway to the Taunus' where the ascent to the highest peak, the Feldberg, begins, the centre houses a tourist information service, exhibition and a restaurant, the Waldtraudt. The nature park has thus become a model for others of its kind, hosting a diversity of not just flora and fauna but of landscapes, people and attractions.

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