An A to Z of wine-growing regions
The Hessische Bergstraße wine region, market square in Heppenheim
The Palatinate wine region, view from Kalmitwingert near Ilbesheim
The Baden wine region, Achkarren in the Kaiserstuhl mountains
The Ahr wine region
The Moselle wine region, Moselle loop
The Middle Rhine wine region, Kaub, Gutenfels Castle and Pfalzgrafenstein Castle
The Franconia wine region, Hofkeller in Würzburg
The Rheinhessen wine region, view of Gau-Odernheim from Petersberg hill

Winegrowing regions: vintage countryside

German wines are grown in special places. The varied soil types of Germany's 13 winegrowing regions produce exquisite wines, from crisp rieslings to floral pinot noirs. The mild climate results in light, fruity wines that are typically German and full of charm and character.