It may be surprising to hear that Rhine-Hesse is not in Hesse at all. In actual fact, it's on the other side of the Rhine altogether. But this fun fact is typical of Germany's largest wine-growing region since it is just full of surprises.

Things are done differently around here, with lots of young wine-growers with great enthusiasm and a real feel for fine wine at work. Buzzing networks such as "Message in a bottle" and associations such as Grosses Gewächs Rhine-Hesse, Selection Rhine-Hesse, Ecovin and Wein vom Roten Hang inject innovation into the region and keep things fresh. They excel in taking traditions as their basis and giving them a modern twist. The Rheingau's traditional grape variety, the Silvaner, is experiencing a revival right now and organic approaches to wine-growing are on the rise.

Main grape varieties: Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Silvaner, white Burgundy and Pinot Gris

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