Ilm Valley Cycle Route at night
Torgau, Castle Hartenfels
Rostock-Warnemünde, port
Bird’s-eye view of Bad Waldsee, between two lakes
Near Eining, cyclist of the Danube Cycle Route
East Side Gallery, Berlin
Klimahaus in Bremerhaven
Cyclists in Constance
Cyclist in Überseestadt docklands, Bremen
The Externsteine rock formations at the Roman Lippe Route
Bridge at the Werra Valley Cycle Route
A row of historical half-timbered buildings can be seen towering over the harbour basin in Stade on a sunny day. On the left is a bridge to the quayside from which the picture is being taken. To the right of this, a wide set of steps leads down to the water. Anchored in the harbour basin is an small old wooden sailboat. The half-timbered buildings are four to five storeys high and packed closely together. They are almost all made of red bricks.
Cheese Route - dike in Westerhever
Neuschwanstein Castle
Cyclist on the River Iller Cycle Path at Oberstdorf
Isar Cycle Route
Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Castle Church
Neckar Valley Cycle Route


骑单车既健康又环保,并且很容易获得快乐:德国有 200 多条长途自行车道,路旁会不断出现大都会的旅游胜地以及穿过自然景区的浪漫之路。

德国有 200 条长途自行车道穿越不同地区,因此这将是一个不简单的选择:喜欢高强度的单车旅行者可以骑自行车攀登阿尔卑斯山,而喜欢轻松游的单车旅行者则可以选择山坡葡萄园。 如果是家庭度假 ,那么蜿蜒曲折、沿着河流的道路可能是您最理想的选择。 或者骑着单车来一次博物馆之旅? 住宿服务 页面上提供从农庄到宫廷酒店的不同选择,对于单车爱好者非常适用。

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