The fairytale castle park of the Allgäu can be explored across five sections covering a total length of 219 kilometres. This promises to be the ultimate experience surrounded by nature and culture.

After a stroll through Füssen's Old Town, the route takes cyclists to Hohenschwangau Castle. From there, it's on to the Birnbaumer Filz moorland in the Pfaffenwinkel, where a visit to the Wieskirche Pilgrimage Church UNESCO World Heritage Site comes highly recommended. After riding along the former “Sachsenrieder Bähnle” railway line, it is worth stopping for a beer break at the Brauhaus. The route continues north to Buchloe, the gateway to the Allgäu. Views of the Alps herald the western edge of the castle parkland, where the ruins of Falkenstein Castle are the highest in Germany. The last leg of the route heads down to Weissensee and back to Füssen.

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