The Aller Cycle Route runs alongside the River Weser's largest confluence for around 330 kilometres, with plenty of opportunity for laid-back excursions along the way. Not to mention the areas of undisturbed nature and exceptional museums.

The largely car-free route on predominantly flat terrain follows the course of the river from the Weser estuary back to its source. An alternative route leads cyclists in the direction of the River Elbe to Hohenwarthe near Magdeburg. And there is so much to see along the way, including the equestrian town of Verden, which rose to fame through its world-class tournaments and horse shows. The former royal seat of Celle is another popular attraction, boasting more than 500 half-timbered buildings in its Old Town. Wolfsburg is a must-visit city, with lots to see and learn at the Autostadt automotive centre and phaeno, the experimentation centre. Nature lovers will be delighted to spot no end of rare bird species in the Ilkerbruch conservation area.

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