• Freudenstadt
  • Dorum
  • Winterberg
    Winterberg ©Touristinformation Winterberg
  • Überlingen on Lake Constance, promenade
    Überlingen on Lake Constance, promenade ©Kur und Touristik Überlingen GmbH
  • Bansin, Baltic spa resort
    Bansin, Baltic spa resort
  • Königstein im Taunus
    Königstein im Taunus ©Königsteiner Kur-GmbH
  • Bad Doberan / Heiligendamm
    Bad Doberan / Heiligendamm ©DZT (Jochen Knobloch)
  • Butjadingen
  • Bad Dürrheim, Solemar spa
    Bad Dürrheim, Solemar spa ©Kur- und Bäder GmbH Bad Dürrheim
  • Bad Sobernheim
    Bad Sobernheim ©Kur- und Touristinformation Bad Sobernheim
  • Rostock-Warnemünde
    Rostock-Warnemünde ©Lutz Zimmermann
  • St. Peter-Ording
    St. Peter-Ording ©Tourismus-Zentrale St. Peter-Ording
  • Bad Rappenau, sauna
    Bad Rappenau, sauna
  • Baltic spa resort of Sellin
    Baltic spa resort of Sellin
  • Bad Kötzting
    Bad Kötzting
  • Bad Bevensen, spa gardens
    Bad Bevensen, spa gardens ©Bad Bevensen Marketing GmbH
  • Bad Kreuznach
    Bad Kreuznach ©Gesundheit und Tourismus für Bad Kreuznach GmbH
  • Horn-Bad Meinberg, peat spa
    Horn-Bad Meinberg, peat spa ©Staatsbad Meinberg GmbH
  • Bad Wörishofen, thermal baths
    Bad Wörishofen, thermal baths ©Kurdirektion Bad Wörishofen
  • Bad Sassendorf
    Bad Sassendorf ©Gäste-Information & Marketing Bad Sassendorf

Germany does you good: health & wellness

More than 1,000 wellness and beauty hotels, 350 quality-certified health resorts and spas and a fabulous range of specialist clinics. Germany does you good, Germany is great for your health – you'll go home feeling as good as new!

Germany can work wonders for your health in so many ways. Wellness and activity programmes help to stave off illness, while health resorts and spas harness the natural means at their disposal, or use state-of-the-art therapies to treat chronic conditions. For serious cases, German clinics and their internationally regarded doctors offer a wealth of expertise. Clean air and unspoilt scenery are added bonuses and come free of charge!

We care about your health and well-being. Visit Germany and give us the chance to make you feel great!


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