Visitors to the Lower Bavarian spa town of Bad Füssing won't be disappointed when they experience the premium thermal baths for themselves. And with water spanning 12,000 square metres, there is plenty of space for the perfect health-centred holiday.

"Water is best straight from the source". Nowhere does that sentiment ring truer than at Bad Füssing, where the sulphurous healing mineral water bubbles up from the prehistoric rock buried deep underground and unleashes its effective health-boosting powers in the thermal baths at a temperature of 56°. The special composition of the water is highly beneficial, with its sulphide and sulphur combination easing arthritis, back pain, arthrosis, rheumatism, gout, stress and burnout amongst other conditions. Visitors to Bad Füssing looking to focus on their health can take their pick from the selection of thermal baths including "THERME EINS", "Europatherme" and "Johannesbad".

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