There is a real-life fountain of youth and vitality at Bad Elster, with its three spa drinking fountains and no less than ten state-approved mineral spas. Combined with the spa town of Bad Brambach, the two mud and mineral spas form the Saxon State Spas.

One of the oldest mud spas in Germany, Bad Elster is idyllically situated in the middle of the Vogtland region, near the Czech border. At the heart of its drinking and bathing cures are the Marienquelle and Moritzquelle springs, the latter of which was first mentioned in a document as early as 1531, where it was referred to as the "Elstersäuerling" „Elstersäuerling“ (richly carbonated mineral spring). The historic Albert Baths with their nostalgic ambience invites visitors to take mineral and effervescent baths. The traditional state-approved spa Bad Brambach is only fourteen kilometers south of Bad Elster. This is where radon therapy is used to alleviate chronic pain. In fact, Bad Brambach has the strongest radon spring in the world.
Relaxation and regeneration are assured at both destinations.

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