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Bad Elster – healing water that flows from springs

There is a real-life fountain of youth and vitality in Bad Elster, where drinking water flows from as many as three springs. This has been a health hotspot for more than 160 years now, with people flocking to the area to fill their hearts with joy and soothe their souls.

The idyllic state-approved resort of Bad Elster, one of Germany's oldest moorland spas, is right at the heart of the Vogtland region. Treatments involving bathing in and drinking water centre around the Marienquelle and Moritzquelle springs, with the latter having first been referred to in the records as the "Elstersäuerling" in 1531. At the King Albert Spa, the health and wellness centre of the resort, visitors can indulge in mineral and jet baths, whilst all kinds of temperature-controlled saunas await in the huge sauna complex. Bad Elster is also an excellent base for anyone looking to explore the local area, where highlights include the Saxon-Bohemian Silver Mines Route, Plohn Theme Park and Saxony's only natural dripstone cave.

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