Surrounded by vast woodland and moorland, Bad Bramstedt stands proudly in the remarkable wetlands of Schleswig-Holstein. This health resort is home to the largest psychosomatic clinic in Germany.

Bad Bramstedt is best known for its specialist clinics – Bad Bramstedt Medical Centre, which specialises in the treatment of joint, spine, muscular, nerve and vascular disorders, and Schön Clinic Bad Bramstedt, the largest psychosomatic clinic in the whole of Germany. Visitors are also welcome to book mud treatments, which are a dream for anyone looking for a way to alleviate rheumatic diseases, chronic pain and issues with the spine and joints. The sporting activities on the agenda provide an alternative form of rest and recuperation, whilst the famed "Garden of the Senses" inspired by Sebastian Kneipp, one of the forefathers of the naturopathic medicine movement, is a delight.

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