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Düben Heath Nature Park – health the natural way

Located among the Elbe and Mulde riverscapes between Leipzig and the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Dessau-Wörlitz and Wittenberg, Düben Heath is an oasis of calm and wellness.

The various attractions of Düben Heath are best appreciated through the 'heath highlights', a range of a dozen or so specially selected attractions that include a fairytale moated palace, a Renaissance royal court and an old watermill.

Nature park guides offer special wildlife tours where you can see cranes and rutting stags. In the village of Schlaitz near the town of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, ospreys can be observed at the Haus am See, where a special camera films the birds in their eyrie and transmits live pictures to a plasma screen.

For hikers, the 30km Heath Beaver Tour, which links the spa towns of Bad Düben and Bad Schmiedeberg, is a designated Wanderbares Deutschland quality trail. For a more reflective walk, you could take the pilgrim route along the Luther Trail between Wittenberg, Bad Düben and Torgau, enjoying the lovingly restored heathland churches and the picturesque towns on the wayside.

The heath also offers access to the healing power of nature with a range of natural treatments that will leave you ready to face the world again – a herbal relaxation weekend and Kneipp cure at Eisenmoorbad in Bad Schmiedeberg, for example, or Siusili 'dreamtime therapy' at the Heide Spa resort in Bad Düben. Or there's fasting according to the Buchinger method in Pressel, and Hahnemann homeopathic treatments in Torgau.

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