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Scenic routes from A to Z
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Neukirchen, Chapel of the Holy Blood (Kapelle beim Heiligen Blut)
Östrich Winkel: Vollrads Castle Winery
The Wulflamhaus, Stralsund
Mannheim: water garden in the Water Tower Park (Parkanlage am Wasserturm)
An avenue in East Wonsheim
Rendsburg High Bridge and transporter bridge
Trendelburg Castle: Pforte
The fortress city of Neuf-Breisach, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site
An underground boat trip at the Dorothea Stollen Himmlisch Heer visitor mine
Zittau narrow-gauge railway, Oybin Station
The Tetrahedron in Bottrop (Teträder-Bottrop)
The rosarium at Orangery Palace, Potsdam
Biel autumn winter
Peene Valley
German Clock Route

Scenic routes – an easy way to explore Germany at your own pace

Germany's scenic routes are ideal for discovering the country by car, motorbike or bicycle. Choose from over 150 diverse routes, each featuring a different aspect of Germany's regions.

The tours combine sightseeing with the pleasures of the open road. You decide how fast and how far to travel – and what takes your interest. If you like exploring the countryside, the German Alpine Road could be for you, while history enthusiasts will be fascinated by the German Limes Route. Handcrafted products such as porcelain, clocks and glass all have their own route, and regional products such as wine, cheese and asparagus also provide themes for culinary routes.

Take to the open road and explore Germany at your leisure – just follow the signposts!