Visitors can create their own fairytale adventures as they explore the world of the Brothers Grimm on the German Fairytale Route, which covers 600 magical kilometres from their birthplace in Hanau to Bremen, the home of the famous four-legged town musicians.

The German Fairytale Route follows in the footsteps of the famous Brothers Grimm, taking visitors on a magically poetic journey in seven-league boots, on a bike or in a car. The route boasts art and history in spades, leading to enchanting towns full of half-timbered buildings, fairytale palaces, castles, grottos and museums. And the festivities never seem to stop along the way, with open-air plays, puppet theatre days, fairytale weeks, barn festivals, fairytale meals and Medieval gatherings. In some villages, visitors even have the chance to meet their favourite fairytale characters.

Reality feels so far removed on the German Fairytale Route between the River Main and the ocean. There is so much art and culture to explore along the way besides eight nature parks, stunning low mountain ranges and river landscapes. Visitors are invited to dive into the flower-filled countryside, stride through deep forests, experience the buzz in vibrant cities and simply enjoy the charming hospitality.

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