The Bergstrasse Holiday Route covers around 80 kilometres between the Upper Rhine Plain, the Main and Neckar Rivers and the western slopes of the Odenwald hills, starting in the university city of Darmstadt and ending in the wine-growing city of Wiesloch.

The Bergstrasse Route is nestled in a region with a mild climate, where almond, cherry and peach trees blossom beautifully in pink and white in the spring and picturesque little towns with Medieval half-timbered buildings enchant visitors. The sun shines for 1,600 hours a year here, making this the perfect location for growing fine wines. Visitors are never far from castles, palaces, stately homes and abbeys, which make for a spectacular sight to behold. And grand half-timbered town halls tower over cobbled market squares.

The Carolingian King's Hall at the Abbey of Lorsch is well worth a visit as the oldest building from that era in the whole of Germany. Along the Bergstrasse Route, culture and nature are perfectly intertwined. Concerts, exhibitions and festivals at historical venues throughout the region attract visitors in their swathes. The Bergstrasse Route is also known for its delicious feasts, with fresh produce, fine wines and other tasty treats aplenty on offer amidst the idyllic cultural landscape dating back more than 2,000 years.

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