A thrilling trail of around 820 kilometres leading to Roman destinations in Germany is to be found on the well-signposted German Limes Road from Rheinbrohl on the Rhine to Passau on the Danube.

The Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes, with 900 guard posts and 120 fort sites, is one of the most impressive archaeological monuments in Central Europe and has been a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site "Frontiers of the Roman Empire" since 2005. From Neustadt-Bad Gögging, the German Limes Road follows the Danube Limes - also a World Heritage Site since 2021 - to Passau.

Traces of the Roman past can still be discovered today: forts, Roman baths, legion camps, watchtowers, border ramparts and outstanding museums with extraordinary finds allow travellers to immerse themselves in the Roman Empire.

Not only does the German Limes Road inspire with important archaeological finds, but also with its diversity and richness of variety: it leads through charming landscapes such as the Nassau Land, the Hochtaunus Nature Park, the Wetterau, the Odenwald and the Altmühl Valley Nature Park. Nature lovers can discover the Limes on the German Limes Cycle Route and the German Limes Hiking Trail.

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