US Americans’ travel behavior in the COVID 19 era

This information graphic shows facts and figures about US Americans’ travel behavior in the COVID 19 era.

48 percent of the US Americans’ have foreign travel intentions and 22 percent have travel intentions to Germany within the next 12 month. Their main interests are festivals, family heritage, food, winery and brewery tours and historical sights and towns.

When traveling, 60 percent of US Americans’ visit a single European country, while 40 percent visit multiple countries. The majority of US Americans’ intends to travel individually post Coronavirus.

US Americans’ requirements for taking trips abroad are a decrease in infection rates at the destination, no mandatory quarantine at the destination and the availability of vaccine. Generally, baby boomers are more cautious compared to generation X, Y and Z.

Presented to you by the German National Tourist Board, supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.

The source of information is an exclusive survey by the German National Tourist Board and IPK International.