'C the Unseen' – making hidden treasures visible and bringing little-known things to light is the motto that Saxony's third-largest city, together with 38 partner municipalities, is using to present itself to the world as the European Capital of Culture 2025. Every year since 1985, the European Union has awarded this title to emphasise the cultural wealth of its members and promote communication.

Architectural history and artistic delights

Chemnitz is now stepping into the limelight as a city that represents an exciting mix of entrepreneurship and creativity. Follow the rich traces of architectural history – from the cathedrals of the industrial age to the splendid Art Nouveau and Wilhelminian quarters, and from the Bauhaus to Eastern modernism. With the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, you can take your pick from five renowned museums. Even the city's green spaces leave nothing to be desired – for instance in the Stadtpark, which is even larger than New York's Central Park.

Creativity in gardens and garages

Multiple flagship projects are inspired by the unique features of this city of 245,000 people – the 'City of Makers' nickname is reflected in the conversion of factory buildings into museums and open spaces into galleries. The Eastern European mentality is the focus of around 3,000 garages, which have been transformed into interactive spaces and hubs of creativity. As part of the Living Neighbourhood programme, the people of Chemnitz are planting up to 4,000 apple trees. The neighbourhood also includes the surrounding 38 towns and villages, which can be reached via the Purple Path art and sculpture trail.

Event highlights in and around the Capital of Culture

Whether it's a museum night, hands-on fairs for young and old, wine festivals, brewery markets, jazz, indie and dance festivals, street art, vintage car rallies or the European Peace Ride: getting involved in the diverse events taking place in and around Chemnitz is an absolute must. Use our partner's event calendar and discover exciting events for you. Events to suit your taste!

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'C the Unseen' in the European Capital of Culture 2025

Embark on an exciting hunt for clues in and around Chemnitz to find the undiscovered, the unseen and the invisible.

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Travel tips

The Purple Path art and sculpture trail connects Chemnitz with 38 partner municipalities in the region. You can easily get around the area by public transport . Starting in Chemnitz, we'll take you on six hand-picked routes with highlights from its rich cultural, industrial and mining history. Discover the numerous sculptures and installations by artists from Saxony and around the world along the way. Get inspired!

Discover the cultural capital of Chemnitz and its surrounding region