Itinerary: Castles Bearing German Legends

Germany has a variety of historical buildings, including castles, palaces and churches. Some of which have even been granted World Heritage status. Learn about world-changing inventions and events happening at these places along a route through beautiful natural landscapes.

  • Day 1, Frankfurt:
    Once you’ve landed in Frankfurt, head to Mainz and get ready to explore.
  • Day 2, Mainz:
    Take a guided tour of the city and take in the cathedral, the old town and the Gutenberg Museum. Take a train to Eisenach and spend the night there.
  • Day 3, Eisenach:
    Visit the Wartburg Castle and wander through the town. Take a train to Erfurt and rest up before tomorrow.
  • Day 4, Erfurt:
    Take a guided tour and drink in the history at St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Augustinian Monastery. Stay the night in Erfurt.
  • Day 5, Weimar:
    Take a train to Weimar to visit the Duchess Anna Amalia Library and explore the city, then hop on the train again to head to Dresden.
  • Day 6, Dresden:
    Check out the Fürstenzug, a dramatic mural made of only porcelain. Take in views of the city, then stop by the art gallery at Residenzschloss Dresden. Walk the Zwinger before touring the Semper Opera House. Spend the night in Dresden.
  • Day 7, Garmisch:
    Rent a car to drive the Autobahn and head to Gerold to see the Zugspitze, the tallest mountain in Germany. Drive to Lake Eibsee and enjoy the natural surroundings. Leave Garmisch and head to the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle. Keep driving to visit a couple other famous castles: Hohenzollern and Lichtenstein. Wander the photogenic villages at the base of Hohenzollern; the best viewing point of the castle is Zellerhornwiese.

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