Itinerary: The Palatinate Emigrant

"Made in Germany" is recognized as a label for high quality products and value. Germany's global repute extends to great inventions - all created by famous Germans, or Americans of German origin.

  • Day 1, Frankfurt:
    See portraits of the German emperors in Frankfurt’s town hall “The Römer” and visit the nearby Paulskirche.
  • Day 2, Heidelberg – Speyer – Karlsruhe:
    Stroll through Heidelberg, continue to Speyer’s cathedral, then to Karlsruhe.
  • Day 3, Rastatt:
    Visit the Grandduke’s palace, the fortress at Rastatt, and for an extended excursion, explore the Black Forest.
  • Day 4, Hambach – Neustadt – Kaiserslautern:
    Learn about the „Forty- Eighters“ at the fortress of Hambach near Neustadt. In Kaiserslautern, the Institute for Palatinate Folk life offers research facilities.
  • Day 5, Oberalben – Lichtenberg – Kusel:
    Visit the emigrant’s museum at Oberalben and the exhibit in Lichtenberg castle about the traveling musicians. Small town charm in Kusel.
  • Day 6, Saarbrücken – Trier – Moselle valley:
    Local excursions. Saarbrücken, Trier and Moselle valley are well worth a visit.
  • Day 7, Koblenz – Cologne – Kommern:
    Cruise to Koblenz. En route to Cologne visit the open air museum at Kommern. Using the Rhine waterway, palatines sailed via Dutch ports before Bremerhaven took over the operations in 1830.
  • Day 8, Bad Laasphe – Schwarzenau:
    En route pass the Witgensteiner Land. Anbaptist and Pietist movement originated from Bad Laasphe and Schwarzenau. Back to Frankfurt.

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