Explore Your German Heritage

Trace the roots of your family tree in Germany, and follow the routes your ancestors took to reach a new life in America. Follow the 400-year timeline of significant events in German emigration history, and see how German-Americans continue to shape the modern United States today.

From religious freedom seekers in the 1600s to what is now the leading ancestry group in 23 states, German immigrants have woven their stories into the fabric of American culture. Get to know the rich history of your ancestors in the Genealogy section, where you’ll find valuable links to regional archives and web resources to guide you on your German heritage journey.

In the Famous People section, learn about famous German-Americans who’ve had a big influence on American cultural identity and society. Then, build a custom itinerary with our Trip Planner to visit the historic places which tell the story of German emigrants to America.

Explore Your German Origins

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