Made in Germany

When it comes to building and designing products, Germans are known for their exacting standards. Basically, whenever you see a “Made in Germany” label, you know you’re looking at a high-quality product. Some of the world’s greatest inventions and well-loved brands originated in Germany, ranging from the mind-blowing theory of relativity to the humble aspirin that eases a headache. And we have many famous Germans, and Americans of German origin, to thank for them.

German-Americans have made their mark in many fields, like science and technology, culinary arts, and transportation. Find out which inventions originated in Germany, and which Germans and German-Americans are behind well-known products and brands.

Hungry for more? When German emigrants ventured across the Atlantic to the New World they brought with them an appreciation of fine food and drink and a cornucopia of festive holiday recipes that are just as delicious today. Browse our collection of traditional German recipes and serve up a plateful of Germany for dinner tonight.

German Recipes

A destination with an exciting culture, varied scenery and a long history, Germany has always known how to make an impression, and German cuisine has long been another highlight to add to the list.


What It’s Like to Explore Your German Roots

We sent four Americans with German heritage to explore their roots in Germany. Follow Karen, Mike, Joe and Matt as they hike through the German countryside, wander museums, explore where Gutenberg and Martin Luther worked, and visit the towns and villages where their ancestors lived.


German Inventions & Brands

Imagine the world without beer. Without the computer, television or automobile. Pretty scary, right? Thankfully, German inventors and founders really came through, and we have all of these life-changing products and well-loved brands today. Heinz ketchup, Nivea skin care, Adidas sportswear, Mercedes-Benz cars – and that’s just the beginning. Brush up on your knowledge of German inventions and brand-name products right here.

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