Itinerary: Discover Traditional Germany

Visit Germany’s southern region and follow the path through its natural landscape and cultural highlights. Learn about Germany’s past, places where history was made, where famous inventors were born and indulge in some traditional German cuisine.

Day 1, Bamberg
Hike the Brauereienweg and visit the Levi Strauss birthplace and museum in Buttenheim. Spend the night in Bamberg.

Day 2, Nuremburg
Head to Nuremburg and visit the City Museum at Fembo House. Have lunch at Albrecht-Dürer-Straße and be sure to try the traditional Franconian dish schäufele (roasted pork shoulder) with dumplings. Stay the night in Nuremburg.

Day 3, Nuremburg
Take a guided tour of the Old Town and stop by the Imperial Castle. Take in some German history at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and the Museum of Industrial Culture. Stay the night in Nuremburg.

Day 4, Nuremburg
Visit the Memorium Nuremberg Trials to see where history was made. Then stop by the Lebkuchen Bakery Wicklein for traditional Nuremberg gingerbread.

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