FlixBus DACH GmbH

Birketweg 33
80639 Munich

Telephone: +49 30/ 300 137 300 (0.14 €/minute incl. VAT from the German landline, up to 0.42 €/minute incl. VAT from the mobile communications network)

Head of Global Sales


FlixBus is Europe's best known and most successful provider of long-distance bus lines. The company's convenient and sustainable busses carry passengers between attractive places of departure and destinations in 28 European countries at reasonable fares.

FlixBus has been changing the way to travel for millions of people and makes it possible to explore Europe even with a small budget. This way FlixBus managed to become the definite number one among Germany's providers of long-distance bus lines. The goal now is to repeat this success and establish an extensive transnational long-distance bus network throughout whole Europe.

Since 2013, long-distance busses have become a perfect means of transport for visitors of Germany - both for the journey to and the transport within Germany. There are several FlixBus connections per day between many major cities. Passengers have the opportunity to choose between more than 300,000 different connections each day througout Europe. Depending on the exact connection ticket fares start at 5 € per ride.