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Lake Diemelsee
Schlei Estuary Nature Park: Ulsnis beach
Brandenburg's 'Switzerland'
Hassberge Hills
Southern Eifel
Gleichener See reservoir near Pfedelbach
Rhine-Westerwald Forest
For just a few days in the mating season moor frogs turn blue and can be seen in various locations, such as Salem Moor or Grundloser Kolk Lake in Mölln.
Upper Palatinate Forest
Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen Nature Park, moorland expedition
Picnicking on Schönscheid hill near Bad Endbach
A young shepherd leans on his shepherd's crook in the foreground while his flock grazes on the heather in the background.
Active coastal cliffs near Bansin

自然公园 – 休闲娱乐与亲近自然之所

105 个自然公园编织出德国最美丽的风景。 景色如画的湖泊和河流景观、岛屿、沼泽以及丰富多样的林区和中高山脉,为您带来各具特色的体验之旅。 自然公园占据了德国国土的四分之一。 尽情享受各式各样的美丽风情吧!

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