The Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, situated in the south-east of the Saarland on the border with France, charms visitors with its orchid meadows, beech forests, endangered wildlife and stunning riverside landscape.

Bliesgau is known as the "Tuscany of the Saarland" thanks to its gently rolling hills. A huge proportion of the rare little owls found in the Saarland live in this biosphere reserve and the endangered marsh fritillary butterfly with shimmering orange/brown wings also calls the area home. In Bliesgau, there are also countless chances to admire the orchid, known as the queen of flowers. Culture vultures can rest assured that there is plenty for them to discover in the region, which boasts many relics from the eras of the Roman and Celtic settlements. And there is plenty to tickle connoisseurs' taste buds, with the culinary culture here ranking amongst the finest in the German- and French-speaking world.

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