Forests, meadows, wild rivers and mountains define the Ammergau Alps Nature Park. Even highly endangered bird species and rare orchids can still to be found here.

Located in the very southern part of Germany, the 228-square-kilometre Ammergau Alps Nature Park forms a particularly charming corner of Bavaria. Among its diverse landscapes are one of the largest mixed mountain forests in Germany, ice-age moors and the Waldmoos nature reserve, which is a nesting place for numerous bird species and home to rare orchids. Endangered birds such as capercaillie, birch grouse and rock ptarmigan can still be found in the nature park. The Ammer Gorge, which is up to 60 metres deep, is a spectacular natural monument. It was carved into the rocks by the Ammer River fifteen kilometres from its source, 120,000 years ago. Today it is a protected nature reserve, considered a place of spiritual power and part of a meditation trail. With ski tours, cross-country skiing or snowshoe hikes in winter and hikes or mountain tours in summer, the Ammergau Alps Nature Park presents plenty of opportunities for active recreation, plus six idyllic towns with extensive cultural and wellness offers. Castles, monasteries and churches preserve the cultural and historical heritage of the region. Traditional costume associations, handicraft markets and mountain pasture festivals cultivate tradition and customs.

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