The untamed beauty of the vast Black Forest National Park attracts visitors in their swathes. The lush green forests in this nature reserve are just waiting to be explored, showing off the wild side of nature and offering views way into the distance.

This nature reserve covering 10,000 hectares in Baden-Württemberg offers spectacular views long into the distance from its mountains reaching heights of over 1,000 metres. And yet what makes this national park truly special is that nature is left to run wild here. In fact, some areas have been left to develop without any human intervention for more than 100 years. This undisturbed natural setting provides a habitat for the peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the world, and the pygmy owl, the smallest owl in Europe. Plenty of tours and events keep visitors informed about the forest and its inhabitants. And there are lots of sporting activities on offer too. What better way could there be to enjoy an authentic Black Forest experience than on a hike, bike ride or rafting adventure?

Listen to the sounds of the Black Forest


You hear typical sounds from the Black Forest. Wind makes tree leaves and bushes rustle, birds chirp.

Source: Black Forest Tourist Board

Impressions of the Black Forest in summer, accompanied by soft music

Copyright: Black Forest Collective

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