• ©imago/Werner Otto
  • Canoeists on Great Plön Lake photographed from the water
    Canoeing ©S. Koschinski
  • For just a few days in the mating season moor frogs turn blue and can be seen in various locations, such as Salem Moor or Grundloser Kolk Lake in Mölln.
    Moor frogs – a splash of blue ©Wolfgang Buchhorn
  • Active coastal cliffs near Bansin
    Active coastal cliffs near Bansin ©Kai Paulig
  • Summer view of Präg glacier basin with the village of Präg and boulder scree
    View of Präg glacier basin ©Christoph Wasmer
  • ©Heribert Pohl
  • Moated palace
    Moated palace ©Dietrich Förster
  • ©imago/Werner Otto
  • This picture taken from Mount Feldberg with the northern Taunus hills in the background almost looks unreal.
    Winter on Mount Feldberg ©Naturpark Taunus
  • Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen Nature Park, moorland expedition
    Bourtanger Moor-Bargerveen Nature Park ©Int. Naturpark Bourtanger Moor – Bargerveen
  • ©imago/Gueffroy
  • ©imago/Gueffroy
  • ©imago/Volker Preußer
  • Schlei Estuary Nature Park: Ulsnis beach
    Schlei Estuary Nature Park: Ulsnis beach ©Henrik Matzen
  • ©imago/imagebroker
  • ©imago/imagebroker/Boensch
  • ©imago/Werner Otto
所有自然公园(从 A 到 Z)

自然公园 – 休闲娱乐与亲近自然之所

104 个自然公园编织出德国最美丽的风景。 景色如画的湖泊和河流景观、岛屿、沼泽以及丰富多样的林区和中高山脉,为您带来各具特色的体验之旅。 自然公园占据了德国国土的四分之一。 尽情享受各式各样的美丽风情吧!



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