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Natural landscapes from A to Z

Natural landscapes: experience – enjoy – relax

Destination Germany has a wealth of natural landscapes, many of them virtually untouched by the hand of man. Diverse and often unique flora and fauna create an unforgettable experience for the visitor.

Germany's nature parks, biospheres and national parks – where conservation meets recreation. These precious havens of natural and man-made landscapes, many of them the only examples of their kind anywhere in the world, are here for you to enjoy. These are combined under the umbrella of "National landscapes". The brand provides a platform on which the natural beauty of Germany can be showcased in all its diversity. Explore these regions on foot or horseback, by bike or boat. You'll be rewarded with unforgettable impressions, a profound sense of relaxation and a feeling of being at one with nature. We hope to see you soon.

Nature at its best. Landscape worthy of conservation. A diversity of species. Rare flora and fauna. All these things await you in Germany.

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