• View of a crane roost on Lake Galenbeck
    Lake Galenbeck at sunset ©Naturpark Am Stettiner Haff
  • Konik horses grazing in the morning sun in Hobrechtsfeld
    Konik horses grazing ©Frank Liebke
  • View from the tower showing the ruins of Auerbach Castle and the famous Scots pine on the castle walls
    Auerbach Castle in the Bergstrasse region with the famous Scots pine on the castle walls ©Manfred Zenker
  • Waymarker on the Eifelsteig trail
    Eifelsteig trail ©Eifel Tourismus

Nature parks – adventures in the great outdoors

Germany's 104 nature parks showcase the country's most beautiful landscapes. Picturesque lakes and riverscapes. Islands and moors. Diverse woodland, hills and mountains. All these, plus a range of activities, are available for you to experience. Together, the nature parks make up over one quarter of Germany's land area, representing a diversity that offers something for everyone.

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