• ©imago/Werner Otto
  • ©imago/McPhoto/F. Scholz
  • ©imago/imagebroker
  • ©imago/Werner Otto
  • Snowshoeing
    Snowshoeing ©Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord
  • Numerous ancient castles and palaces can be visited in the nature park and geopark.
    Alt Barenaue moated castle ©Melanie Schnieders
  • ©imago/Werner Otto
  • ©imago/imagebroker
  • ©imago/Volker Preußer
  • ©imago/imagebroker
  • ©imago/blickwinkel
  • View of a crane roost on Lake Galenbeck
    Lake Galenbeck at sunset ©Naturpark Am Stettiner Haff
  • ©Tourismuszentrale Fränkische Schweiz/ Hub
  • ©imago/imagebroker/Siepmann
  • ©imago/Imagebroker
All nature parks from A to Z

Nature parks – adventures in the great outdoors

Germany's 104 nature parks showcase the country's most beautiful landscapes. Picturesque lakes and riverscapes. Islands and moors. Diverse woodland, hills and mountains. All these, plus a range of activities, are available for you to experience. Together, the nature parks make up over one quarter of Germany's land area, representing a diversity that offers something for everyone.

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