• For just a few days in the mating season moor frogs turn blue and can be seen in various locations, such as Salem Moor or Grundloser Kolk Lake in Mölln.
    Moor frogs – a splash of blue ©Wolfgang Buchhorn
  • ©imago/McPhoto/F. Scholz
  • ©imago/bonn-sequenz
  • Numerous ancient castles and palaces can be visited in the nature park and geopark.
    Alt Barenaue moated castle ©Melanie Schnieders
  • ©imago/Gueffroy
  • ©Tourismuszentrale Fränkische Schweiz/ Hub
  • ©imago/Werner Otto
  • ©Armin Vogel
  • Picnicking on Schönscheid hill near Bad Endbach
    Picnicking on Schönscheid hill near Bad Endbach ©Naturpark Lahn-Dill-Bergland
  • ©Tourismuszentrale Fichtelgebirge
  • Canoeists on Great Plön Lake photographed from the water
    Canoeing ©S. Koschinski
  • ©Birgit Block
  • Schlei Estuary Nature Park: Ulsnis beach
    Schlei Estuary Nature Park: Ulsnis beach ©Henrik Matzen
  • Snowshoeing
    Snowshoeing ©Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord
  • ©Naturparkverwaltung
  • ©H.Oppel, Bad Lobenstein (Thüringer Tourismus GmbH)
  • ©imago/imagebroker
All nature parks from A to Z

Nature parks – adventures in the great outdoors

Germany's 104 nature parks showcase the country's most beautiful landscapes. Picturesque lakes and riverscapes. Islands and moors. Diverse woodland, hills and mountains. All these, plus a range of activities, are available for you to experience. Together, the nature parks make up over one quarter of Germany's land area, representing a diversity that offers something for everyone.

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