UNESCO-Biosférické rezervácie – súlad človeka a prírody

Sú to pôvabné kraje – s vlastnou úlohou a poslaním: Pretože každá z 15 UNESCO-biosférických rezervácií je súčasne reklamou harmonického spolužitia človeka a prírody. Zažite túto harmóniu pri návšteve odľahlých horských pastvín a tradičných dediniek, putujte romantickými vinicami, malebnými lúkami a ovocnými sadmi. Stotožnite sa s prírodou – a so sebou samým.

In 1990 UNESCO recognised the Wadden Sea National Park on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein as a biosphere reserve. In 2005 the five inhabited Hallig islands (small undyked islands in the North Frisian Wadden Sea) were incorporated as a development zone.

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The glaciers that disappeared 10,000 to 15,000 years ago left behind a richly segmented terrain that could almost be a text book for the ice age.

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South-east Rügen Island has a multi-faceted coastal landscape with long sandy beaches, salt marshes and beech forests, coastal cliff-faces and briny lagoons cutting deep inland.

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One hundred kilometres south-east of Berlin there is a stretch of countryside that is unique in central Europe – Spree Forest, an area of wetlands that bears the influence of centuries of human influence yet still remains largely unspoilt.

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Imposing natural beauty, culture and tradition, distinctive geological features and sites of historical interest – all these await the visitor to the Swabian Alb and its foothills.

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The Thuringian Forest has it all – from peaceful walks, energetic Nordic walking, and hiking and skiing along the mountain ridges, to culture and history, guided tours and health and wellness breaks.

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The Upper Lusatian Moorland Biosphere Reserve is the only biosphere reserve in Saxony and one of the largest areas of pondland in Germany.

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