Itinerary: The Farewell

Whether it's a museum, a memorial or the hometown of a famous German, here you can find historically meaningful sites along the route of your cultural heritage.

Day 1, Bremen:
In Bremen see the monument to the Town Musicians, the marketplace and much ‘Americana’ in the Böttcherstrasse on your way to the Weser River.

Day 2, Delmenhorst – Oldenburg – Cloppenburg:
Excursions to Delmenhorst, Oldenburg and Cloppenburg, where the open air museum tells about the peasant’s life. Then on to Osnabrück.

Day 3, Osnabrück:
Stop by the former emigrant agency, the “Linnenschmidt” inn, at Venne near Osnabrück, continue via the Prince Bishops, hunting resort at Clemenswerth near Sögel to East Frisia.

Day 4, Aurich:
Windmills, dykes, canals and an endless sky: from here numerous people went to Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska. The moor museum near Aurich acquaints you with the pioneer’s hardship.

Day 5, Bremerhaven:
Bremerhaven, the continent’s most important point of embarkation waits for you to discover the moments of farewell. Visit Columbus pier, the harbor sites and the monument to the emigrants.

Day 6, Cuxhaven, Hamburg:
Continue to Cuxhaven, to visit the newly renovated Hapag Terminal from 1902. End your day’s tour in Hamburg, home to the Hamburg America line.

Day 7, Schwerin – Ludwigslust – Glaisin:
Schwerin and the palace in Ludwigslust are worth a day’s excursion, and so is the nearby remote town of Glaisin with its tribute to the Mecklenburg farm hand Carl Wiedow and his way to America. Via Dömitz to Berlin.

Day 8, Berlin – Potsdam:
Explore Berlin and Potsdam.

Day 9, Magdeburg – Braunschweig – Hanover:
Travel via Magdeburg, Braunschweig and Hannover to Bremen.

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