Bremen has many faces. The Hanseatic city is the beating heart of north-west Germany and home to the world-famous Town Musicians of Bremen. It is a multifaceted city where history, tradition, science, nature and culture come together in a blend that is fascinating without fail.

Bremen's history as an episcopal city and a merchants' settlement dates back to the 8th century. Alongside Bremerhaven, it forms the smallest federal state in Germany and wows tourists as a effervescent metropolis. This is a place where tradition meets modernity and urban quality of life meets northern German congeniality. Bremen is a compact city. In no other place are history, culture and lifestyle so interwoven as they are here. The historical Marktplatz square and surrounding streets are the city's beating heart. The stone Roland statue on the square stands facing St. Peter's Cathedral as a symbol of independence and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site alongside the magnificent Town Hall. Just a stone's throw away, the Town Musicians of Bremen have been enshrined in bronze in their very own statue.

Visitors can walk along Böttcherstrasse and head towards the Schlachte promenade, where ships from all over the world once moored up. You can still see some great classic vessels here, including the Alexander von Humboldt. It is just a short walk from this promenade to Schnoor, a neighbourhood in the city's medieval centre featuring narrow alleyways and must-see buildings. Or perhaps you'd prefer a stroll along the Culture Mile? Visit the internationally renowned Kunsthalle art gallery or take a quick trip into space with Airbus. It is also worth exploring Bremen by bike, where you can take relaxing breaks in the sprawling greenery and idyllic parks.

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