• Treetop trail at Hainich National Park
    Treetop trail at Hainich National Park ©Nationalpark Hainich (Thomas Stephan)
  • ©Nationalpark Unteres Odertal (Fred Schulze)
  • ©Nationalparkforstamt Eifel (Michael Usadel)
  • ©Nationalparkamt Müritz
  • ©Klaus Janke
  • Harz National Park, Goethe Trail
    Harz National Park, Goethe Trail ©Tourismus Marketing Niedersachsen (Christian Wiesel)
  • ©Tourismusverband Sächsische Schweiz e.V. (Philipp Zieger)
  • Schleswig-Holstein National Park: Wadden Sea coastal mudflats
    Schleswig-Holstein National Park: Wadden Sea coastal mudflats ©Nationalparkverwaltung Schleswig-Holsteinsches Wattemeer
  • Jasmund National Park: view from Kollicker Ort
    Jasmund National Park: view from Kollicker Ort ©Nationalpark-Zentrum KÖNIGSSTUHL (Peter Lehmann)
  • ©Tourismusverband Ostbayern e.V./Andreas Hub
  • ©Nationalparkamt Vorpommern (Lutz Storm)
  • ©imago/bild13

הפארקים הלאומיים – ראשוניות מענגת

כאן הטבע הוא במאי, ואילו האדם מתענג ומתפעל: בנופים רחבי הידיים של 16 הפארקים הלאומיים, הטבע המוגן יכול להמשיך להתפתח באין מפריע בדינמיקה הראשונית שלו. התוצאה היא נופים אידיליים ועולם חי וצומח מגוון להפליא. גלו את כוחו הקמאי של הטבע!

Active holidaymakers with a love of the great outdoors will be in their element in Germany's newest national park. Located at the heart of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park , this exceptionally beautiful upland landscape with its beech trees, wildcats and mystical moors offers fantastic walking and cycling trails.

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The chalk cliffs on the island of Rügen won the heart of the Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich some 200 years ago.

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With its lake, its beautiful upland scenery and its ancient beech forests that are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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Müritz National Park hugs the long eastern shoreline of Lake Müritz, which is by far the largest of the Mecklenburg Lakes in north-east Germany. A 660-kilometre network of trails leads through an enchanting landscape characterised by ancient beech forests, mysterious marshes and huge expanses of water – including more than 130 lakes.

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The Lower Oder Valley National Park is Germany's first riverside meadow national park. It covers 60 km of meadowland on both the German and the Polish banks of the river Oder, offering visitors picturesque scenery and flowering dry grassland.

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The Eifel National Park has majestic beech forests interspersed with gnarled oak woods and tumbling brooks ensconced in mysterious ravines. The chance to get close to nature offered by the numerous plant and animal species here is unrivalled anywhere in western Germany.

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Just a short train ride south from Dresden , on the border with the Czech Republic, a stunning landscape of dramatic rock formations awaits walkers, mountain climbers and nature lovers.

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The UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea , the largest unbroken area of mudflats in the world, is a fascinating landscape of sand dunes and beaches and a haven for all kinds of rare wildlife.

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